Klein Curacao

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What to expect at kitespot Klein Curacao?

On Klein Curacao, a 1,5 hour boat trip from the Spanish Waters in Curacao you’ll find this tropical small flat island with almost nothing on it, so the wind will find you. Kitespot Klein Curacao is located on the west of the island at the beach of Klein Curacao.

Level of riding

Kitespot Klein Curacao is only for intermediates because of the off-shore winds. Beginners can only visit this spot under guidance of a kite instructor. When you book your trip via Awasalu Kiteboarding they also offer a rescue when needed.

Other activities

If you’re done with kitesurfing, you can snorkel or work on your vitamin-D. You can also visit the lighthouse or go to the shipwreck on the other side of the island. There is also an option to go scuba diving. However remember to arrange it before you’re travel to the island.

Nearby spots 

If you’re searching for spots on Curacao checkout Sint Joris Baai.

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