Puzziteddu (Sicily) - Italy
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What to expect at kitespot Puzziteddu?

Kitespot Puzziteddu is a super friendly, slightly off-the-grid spot that offers a calm stay and excellent wave and wind conditions for the wind and watersport lovers. A pleasant extra here is that even if the wind is too light for your taste, you can still go surfing and spend the day on the water. Riders and campers appreciate it, but accommodations are on the spot too.

This spot is for wave lovers. Landing your ferry or flight in Sicily, you have to drive approx. an hour to get here. Kitespot Puzziteddu is away from crowded beaches and noisy cities. You will find this gem that faces Africa to catch the best South winds, thermals, and storms.

Possible to rent a tent, go glamping, or rent lovely little bungalow-like houses. The water is the open sea. Make sure you are well prepared for that. It’s a great spot when you're starting to catch waves!

Nearby shopping for food is within 10 minutes of drive, same for restaurants. Prepare for the best sunsets you have ever seen and starry nights!

Wind conditions

The wind is very similar to other Eastern parts of Sicily, yet offshore conditions are not rideable here. It starts in early March, but the consistent 5-6 days during the summer, the thermal wind offers a few extra knots on the top of the base forecast. The best directions are South, South-East, West, and North-West. According to wind statistics, there are over 250 windy days here annually.Β 

Make sure you check the forecast and webcam before you go kiting, do not let weather changes surprise you when you are out!

Water conditions

The sea is getting deeper slowly here, there is a reef too, but it mostly waves- you can’t take advantage of this as a beginner. Waves are pushing you toward the created current; make sure you are aware of this! There are super friendly waves to ride, and they are breaking quite far out on the sea, too; this makes it very attractive to the surf rider kiters and those looking for good kickers for jumps!

Launch area

Simple and big enough. The characteristic of the beach is a high beach. There is a wall-like, higher ground on the beach where the buildings and roads are. You have to go down from this level to access the water and the beach. This separates all the traffic and infrastructure from the water, and the beach is only for the riders. In case of bigger waves, the beach can be smaller, leaving just enough room to do your lines and pump kites. You will have to launch in shallow water in this case.

Level of riding

On a calmer day, the spot can be easy – yet wavy still (surfers to expect).

Lessons are a must if one is not confident enough.

It is recommended for a minimum intermediate and higher level of riders.

Comfortable with waves and 100% with self-rescue. Kitesurfers who enjoy waves find a medium to advanced wave size and lots of fun here.Β 


The two primary schools. Both recommended.


The beach itself offers free parking only but nothing else. If you are taking lessons, renting gear, or using one of the accommodations mentioned above, there are showers, a jacuzzi, and kite parking places too.


From March to October is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.

Yes, in summer.

Yes, 3:2mm from December through April, 2mm shorty in May and November, 1mm from June to end-October.