Lo Stagnone (Sicily) - Italy
beginner  flatwater sand lagoon

What to expect at kitespot Lo Stagnone?

If you are looking for a laid-back, kite-oriented place, kitespot Lo Stagnone is excellent, with loads of pro riders to watch and easy conditions to level up your kitesurfing. The water gets quite busy during a summer day, which is not a surprise. 

Small downwinders to the open sea, or endless unhooked sessions, with the most outstanding sunsets you can imagine, that is kitespot Lo Stagnone Sicily. Bring kites only according to the forecast to keep yourself light. The rentals are great here if you miss some big or small sizes!

And, if that unlikely scenario happens to you: on a no-wind day, the best thing to do is visit the magical small island nearby Favignana.  

This famous flat heaven kitespot Lo Stagnone is located on the beautiful island of Sicily. After landing on the island by ferry (Palermo) or by plane (TPS/PMO), you can be on the beach shredding within an hour. The place-name means “the mud,” which is pretty accurate. 

The kitespot has a vast and shallow lagoon. Some parts have deep mud, hence the name, so walking is not always pleasant but doable. Nearby you can find deep waters, but the lagoon is never deeper than 140 cm. 

The kiting happens in the shallow area – mostly lessons and free-rider people, yet you can go more up and down from this “central” area. Most people don’t do that as the life, the accommodations, and the bars are all at this launching area. This area strips towards the north and offers more open sea conditions too. 

A long island surrounds the kite place, and for fun, it is possible to ride around it (mostly with south winds) to discover the place. Watch out; there are some very shallow areas. Underneath is mostly mud, but there are rocky zones too – highlighted by a floater to make it more visible for the riders.

The nearby cities are Marsala and Trapani. They offer all that a usual European city would offer – restaurants, grocery shops, banks, hospitals, and fancy Italian shopping opportunities.

Wind conditions

The wind starts in early March, but the consistent 5-6 days per week wind comes at the beginning of May. During the summer, it calms down to an average of 10-20 knots of thermal wind, and later around the end of September, when the weather changes to fall, it increases occasionally. There can be powerful Sirocco wind (wind from Africa often bringing red sand) and some of the Mistral winds blowing from France to this area. You can see more than 300 windy days here from the wind statistics!

Since the whole lagoon is shallow, it is rideable in any wind direction, even entirely offshore. The rider has to make sure to walk back before going too far from the land. Offshore conditions are mostly very gusty near the beach; therefore, launching, lessons, and riding will take place a few 100 meters from the beach.

Water conditions

Shallow and flat. It never gets deeper than 1m -1.40m at the deepest point. And there is nothing really dangerous in the water. There are some stones. They are well marked for the riders to avoid. A kind of underwater plant is making the sensitive-skinned riders have a rush. Usually not too bad and goes away pretty fast. Most people only feel an itch; you can wear leggings to avoid this. Shoes are not needed but if you walk a lot (beginner) then it's recommended. 

Launch area

It varies from school to school - yet most launching and landing areas are well maintained, offering a kite parking area, shadow, line winding area, shower, and some even have a bar. The schools at the south of the spot have a more developed area, with facilities, the north ones are wilder, camping-like.

Level of riding

Any – from beginners to advanced kiters will have fun here. Easy to progress as the water and the wind are reliable and predictable. Pro unhooked riders are doing the show in mild winds. You will definitely see big kiteloops on strong windy days!


The lagoon is covered with kite lesson students throughout the day. he high-quality ones are radio assisted. Make sure you are insured with the school you go with! Get your lessons in any of the following kite schools. They are friendly, high-quality and client-oriented.


Most kite schools offer free parking at the beach, showers, lockers, kite washing possibility, and chill/shadow areas. There are great bars to have a drink after your session.


From May to September is the best time.

Flat shallow water.

Yes, from May to September.

Yes, 3:2mm from December to April, 2mm shorty in October, November & May. No wetsuit needed from June to September.