Chia (Sardinia) - Italy
intermediateΒ  choppy sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Chia?

In Sardinia, Italy, 58 km away from the Cagliari-Elmas airport, you will find kitespot Chia. It is a stunning white sand beach (about 2 km long) that won many times the award as the most beautiful beach of Italy. During summer, Chia is a very nice area to stay with plenty of restaurants and accommodations. During winter, the area is not serviced so it is better considering the nearby Pula or Cagliari.

Level of riding

Intermediate, advanced and beginners (only if taking lessons). During the summer months June - September kiters can only launch from a boat leaving from Wind Wave Club (Su Giudeu Beach). This is because there are no kite areas. During winter it is possible to kite everywhere.

Launch area

During the winter months there is plenty of space to launch. During summer, it is mandatory to launch (at a fee) from a boat.

Crowd level

During summer it is rarely too crowded. Even though the beach is gorgeous, many people prefer kiting in beaches with kite areas where they can launch from. During winter, it is normally not crowded during weekdays and a bit more crowded during weekends.

Lessons and Gear

Wind Wave Club teaches with Duotone gear and rents only to independent riders.

Water conditions

The water is normally flat-choppy with Ponente (west - side/side off from the right) and choppy to wavy with Scirocco (South East- side on from the left,) Grecale (North East - Side/side off from the left) Levante (East-side/side on from the right) and Libeccio (South West -Side on- from the right.) The waves are normally during the winter season. There are no rocks so there is no need for booties.

Best kitesurf wind

In Summer, the wind from the West is the best. In winter, the East is better.

Thermal wind

In summer (May-September) there is thermal wind from the west but it is normally not shown on the forecast.

Local kitesurf rules

In summer, kiting is allowed. But only when you are launching from the boat and riding at least 200 meters away from the beach.


There are different spots to park, all at about a 2-5 minutes walk from the beach. Parking is free during winter and it costs between 3 and 8 euros per day during summer, according to the month and where you park.

During summer, right by Wind Wave Club there is a bar/restaurant that rents sun beds, cabanas, umbrellas and on weekends evening plays live music.

Nearby kitespot

Make sure to also checkΒ kitespot Punta Trettu, a 1.5 hour drive from kitespot Chia.


From May to September is the best time.

Flatwater to small waves.

Yes, from May to September.

Yes, 3:2mm from November to April, 2mm shorty in May and October. No wetsuit needed from June to September.