Badesi (Sardinia) - Italy
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What to expect at kitespot Badesi?

In Sardinia, Italy, about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from the Olbia airport, Alghero airport and Olbia port you will find kitespot Badesi.

The spot is located at a long and beautiful beach. It is just 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the more famous kitespot Porto Pollo. During summer, there are plenty of accommodations, restaurants and beautiful beaches in the area.

Best kitesurf wind

In summer, Grecale (North-East) is the best. Mistral, only up to 20 knots. After 20 Mistral knots, the sea becomes dangerous because of rip currents and waves. Levante (East) is gusty near the beach but the local school offers lifts and rescues with the jetski, if needed.

In winter Grecale (North East), Libeccio (South-West) and Levante (East) which is normally gusty especially near the beach. Levante is a bit side-offshore.

Thermal wind

In summer, (April-September, especially in April, June and September) there is thermal wind in the afternoons from the North East but it is normally not shown in the forecast. If wind is shown the thermal adds up to about 7 knots. However, many times it doesn’t look windy at all but if the direction is from the North East, it will be windy.

Water conditions

The water is normally flat-choppy with Grecale (side shore) and wavy with Mistral (side shore) and Libeccio (side offshore). With Mistral it is safe to ride only with 20 knots or less. This because rip currents and big messy waves are created with strong Mistral and almost every year some swimmers drown. In winter the Mistral is often too strong and messy.

Launch area

During the summer months June - September kiters can only launch from the designated kite area and kite at least 200 meters from the beach. The beach and the launching area are very big. During winter, kiters can use the whole beach.

Crowd level

Kitespot Badesi is rarely too crowded. It gets more busy in July, August and on weekends.

Level of riding

Lessons for all levels. If you kite without lessons this spot works best for intermediate and advanced riders . This is because there are swimmers both upwind and downwind. (beginners are normally not allowed to ride by themselves because the school is responsible for what kiters do)

Local kitesurf rules

In summer, kiting is allowed only when launching in designated kite areas and riding at least 200 meters away from the beach.

Lessons and Gear

North Shore Sardinia teaches with Duotone gear and rents only to independent riders.


There are many parkings near the beach that can be used at an hourly rate. In the most touristy months (July and August) and during weekends it can be hard to find a parking spot near the kite area. All over the beach (the closest at about 300 meters from the kite area,) there are areas where you can rent beach beds and umbrellas. Beach bars can be found along the beach and the parking area.


From April to September is the best time.

Flat-choppy water to small waves.

Yes, from April to September, especially in April, June and September.

Yes, 2mm shorty in October, 3:2mm from November to May. No wetsuit needed from June to September.