Secret local Leucate spot - France
beginner  flatwater shells sea

What to expect at secret local Leucate kitespot?

In France, a 2 hour drive from Toulouse, you’ll find this secret Leucate kitespot at its lagoon with shallow water and a shelly beach. So remember to bring your surf shoes.

When the wind is coming from the land (Tramontane) it’s very gusty. This Northwest Tramontane wind is present 85% of the time. When Tramontane is gone, Marin from the Southeast is your girl.

If you want to get some gear or lessons go to the nearest kiteshop Unikite. Remember to bring your own food and water because there are no facilities at this secret Leucate kitespot.

Also checkout kitespot Plage De La Franqui and Les Dosses.


From March to October is the best time.

Flat to choppy water.

Yes, from April to October, with sea wind.

Yes, 4:3mm from October to May, 2mm shorty from June to September.