Almanarre - France
intermediate  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot Almanarre? 

In the South-East of France in Provence, you’ll find Kitespot Almanarre, with more than 4 km of sand, a real playground for kitesurfers and windsurfers. 

After 1,5 hour by car from Marseille airport, or 10 minutes from Toulon-Hyères airport, you will arrive at the magnificent Tombolo of the Giens peninsula, a true natural monument where all the fun begins.


Kitespot Almanarre is well known for hosting most of the athletes of the French Kitesurf and Windsurf team all year round.

During the year the prevailing winds are the Mistral SW-W-NW onshore wind (52%) and the East Offshore wind (34%). The mistral is present a hundred days a year between 15 and 35knts. If there is no meteorological wind, from June until September, there are light West thermal winds which allows sailing almost every day for those who foil.

If you are keen on offshore winds and flat water, the easterly wind will be more present from November to April. In an easterly wind, especially out of season, the water turns into a mirror with sometimes more than 45 knots. The advantage out of season is that you can ride 50cm from the beach, thrills guaranteed. 

The most used kite sizes are: 7-9-12m

There is also a local saying that says “A northerly wind stays on the edge” because the north wind is very irregular.

Water conditions

The sea temperature varies from 13 ° to 25 °. Very pleasant in summer but there may be a few jellyfish that enjoy this warm water during summer. The water tends to be fairly calm when it’s light and with little waves and choppy up to 20kts.

In strong Mistral winds (over 25 knots West), the shorebreak can get big and difficult to pass for a beginner.

If you are lucky, several shallow areas can also raise waves (towards the Robinson's bar or at the "foot pass", between Almanarre and Madrague).

In offshore winds the spot is completely flat and becomes a freestylers' paradise. 

Launch area

Kitespot Almanarre has a sandy beach that fills with algae in winter. The beach is narrow between 5m and 15m. In summer, take off is done in a small area from gate 16 to 21. There is also an exit channel delimited by buoys from the beach that you will have to take to reach the 300m area. From this point your kite adventure begins. A beach Marshall is present to ensure safety on the beach. In summer the spot is packed with tourists and kitesurfers so don't bother others by leaving your lines unrolled.

Out of season, the whole bay is open. Avoid kitesurfing in front of the “Robinson”, this is the meeting place for windsurfers.

Level of riding

This spot is only for intermediate or advanced riders because of the narrow beach, so you need to be able to launch et land perfectly. Be careful not to venture into offshore winds if you do not know how to go upwind. You can quickly find yourself off the beach and there is no rescue, only the help from kite schools if they are on the water.  If you’re under guidance of a kitesurf instructor you can also kitesurf when you’re a beginner.


Get your lessons at Mf Kite or Kgg and many other schools, these are closer to the beach.


You can park near the spot, along the “Route du Sel”. There are no other facilities, so bring your own beverages and keep it clean.


Out of season, the “Route du Sel” is closed. The car park is at the start of the road on the Giens side.

During the summer season with the influx of tourists it becomes difficult to find a parking space, plan to come in the morning. Also be careful not to leave anything visible in the car / van, there may be theft.

Alternative travel kitespot

Make sure to also check kitespot Leucate-Les Dosses and its lagoon.


From March to October is the best time.

Flatwater to little waves.

Yes, from June until September, there are light thermal winds which allows sailing almost every day for those who foil.

Yes, 4:3mm from November to April, 2mm shorty in May and October, 1mm from June to September.