El Gouna (Kitepower) - Egypt
beginnerΒ  flatwater sand sea

What to expect at kitespot El Gouna Kitepower?

In Egypt, a 1 hour drive from Hurghada airport, you’ll find kitespot El Gouna Kitepower with flat water, lagoons and sandy beaches.

Kitespot El Gouna Kitepower is located on the northern beaches of El Gouna, a modern resort town on Egypt’s Red Sea. El Gouna has lots of restaurants and bars, so that you also have a nice time during the evening.

From your nearby hotel you can get to the spot with a taxi, TukTuk or shuttle bus.

Wind conditions

Best wind, also the most common wind at kitespot El Gouna Kitepower, is from the North, Northwest. This way the crosswind comes over the water and is very constant, since there are no buildings blocking it.

The wind at this spot consists of 3 parts:

  1. Tradewind (common around the equator)
  2. Thermal (because of cold water and warm air above land)
  3. Venturi effect (because of the surroundings, which creates a wind channel)

All the above makes that you can have fun at this spot during the whole year, but most certainly between June and September.


Most used kitesize at this spot is 12m (80kg). However it is advised to bring all your kites in a range from 6m to 15m.

Water conditions

Kitespot El Gouna Kitepower has flat water with a sandy bottom, after 700 meters there are some reefs about half a meter under water at high tide.

If you ride out quite far the water gets choppy. During low tide there is enough water depth. You will have high and low tide every 12 hours with up to 80cm difference in water depth.

There is a teaching area at the right side of the spot, between Kitepower and Makani Beach. Use the right side of the spot when you’ve already spread out your wings.

Because the water is nicely warm in Summer, a lycra and shorts will be sufficient in Summer, a shorty in Spring/Autumn and a wetsuit in Winter.

Launch Area

There is enough space to set up at the beach. Furthermore, there is always someone to help you launch or land your kite. To use the kitespot and facilities get a Kitepass at the kitespot itself.

Lessons & Gear

You can get lessons or gear at Kitepower, Kite Tribe, Kiteboarding Ways or Sunny Kiteboarding.

Kitepower has Cabrinha & Duotone kites, Kite Tribe has Cabrinha kites and Kiteboarding Ways goes for Duotone, Sunny kiteboarding for Duotone & Core kites.

If you're up for a kite safari by boat or kite camp they can hook you up.

Level of riding

This spot is suitable for any level. For beginners it's nice that the water is shallow (waist-deep).


Kitepower provides a downwind session from the most northern point of El Gouna (Kitepower) to the most southern end of El Gouna. And also brings you back.

Nearby hotels

Just a few minutes tuktuk away from the spot you have the hotels Three Corners Rihanna and Paradisio, definitely check them out to get some good rest after the kite sessions.


  • compressor
  • rescue boat
  • changing rooms & lockers
  • showers & toilets
  • bar-restaurants
  • sun-beds
  • free WIFI
  • massage
  • volleyball field

Nearby spots

Make sure to also check the neighbours kitespot El Gouna Makani Beach.


From June to September is the best time.

Flat to choppy water.


Yes, 2mm shorty from November to February. No wetsuit needed outside this period.