Boca de Yasica - Dominican Republic
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Kitespot Boca de Yasica: What to expect?

The Dominican Republic is a kiteboarder's paradise, and kitespot Boca de Yasica is one of its best kept secrets. Located in the Caribbean, near the city of Puerto Plata and the town of Cabarete, this kitespot offers a unique combination of ocean and river riding. Whether you're an intermediate or an advanced rider, you'll find plenty of challenges and fun at Boca de Yasica.

Boca de Yasica is a perfect kitespot daytrip when you're staying around Cabarete Kite Beach and want to close your visit with a 10 km downwind to Cabarete.


Kitespot Boca de Yasica has consistent winds, the same as other nearby spots, which are dominated by easterly trade winds year-round and afternoon thermals from June through August and blow side-onshore. The average wind speed is 15-25 knots from January through May, 20-30 knots from June through August, and 10-20 knots from September through December. The wind starts to pick up at 10 am and keeps going until sunset, making it an ideal spot for a full day of kiteboarding. However keep in mind that you probably have to downwind back to Cabarete.

From mid-August through October, the stable trade wind can be shut down because of the hurricane season peak. Followed by lots of rain from November until mid-December.


The recommended kite size at Boca de Yasica is 8-12m (80kg).

Water conditions

The water conditions at Boca de Yasica are diverse, with shallow, flat water at the rivermouth to small-medium waves at the sea. The water is cloudy in the river, but this won't affect your riding experience. The best tides are high tide, coming tide, and falling tide.

The river mouth can handle about 3-4 kitesurfers. If its to crowded take a few rides on the sea.

Launch area

The launch area at Boca de Yasica is a sand beach that's medium-sized and surrounded by trees and other hazards. The beach is also used by local Dominican families who swim in the river, especially in the summer months, so it's important to be mindful of swimmers and avoid riding close to them.


As mentioned before the launch area has some trees to be aware of when launching. Additionally the water contains some stakes so keep your eyes open.

Level of riding

Boca de Yasica is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. This is mostly caused by the possible hazards of this spot and the needed skills to ride upwind.

How to get there

Boca de Yasica is located near the town of Cabarete. The best way to get there is to take a taxi and downwind back to Cabarete Kite Beach.

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From mid-December to mid-August is the best time, where June through July is the best of best.

Perfect flatwater in the river mouth, and little to medium waves at sea.

Yes, from June through August.

No, a UV-lycra is advised however.