Salinas del Rey - Colombia
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Kitespot Salinas del Rey: What to expect?

In Colombia, about a 1 hour drive from Cartagena and Barranquilla airport, you’ll find kitespot Salinas del Rey with shallow almost flatwater in the point bay, to medium waves after the point.

Salinas del Rey is a prime destination for kitesurfers looking to ride the Caribbean waves. With a consistent trade wind blowing side on from the Northeast and steady warm swells rolling in from the Atlantic, the conditions in Salinas del Rey are ideal for kitesurfing. It's no wonder that this spot is used in the GKA Kite World Tour.


The trade wind is side on shore. From mid-December to July, the winds average between 20-30 knots (23-34 mph), providing plenty of power for kitesurfers of all skill levels.

February and March even have winds up to 35 knots.


Most used kitesize at this spot is 9m (70kg). However it is advised to bring all your kites in a range from 7m to 12m.

Water conditions

Before the point (inside the bay) you'll have almost flatwater which is perfect for Twintip riders.

Beyond the point you can expect nice kickers. The waves at kitespot Salinas del Rey can vary in size and strength throughout the day depending on a number of factors, including the tide and wind speed.

During high tide, the waves may be smaller and more sheltered. This can make high tide a good time for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers to ride, as the waves are generally calmer.

As the tide goes out and the water level drops, the waves may become larger (head hight) and more powerful. This can be a good time for advanced kitesurfers to ride, as the larger waves provide more challenging conditions.

Biggest waves can be expected when the wind is higher than 25 knots and days close to a full moon.

Overall, the waves at Salinas del Rey can vary significantly throughout the day and can be affected by a variety of factors. It's important for kitesurfers to pay attention to the conditions and choose the best spot and time to ride based on their skill level and preferences.

Launch Area

You can set up at the medium sized sandbank. Make sure to roll up your lines ones landed.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons at Kitesurf Experience or Veronikites.


Watch out for wood logs on the beach and in the water. Also checkout the water at low tide for rocks around the point and the bay.

Level of riding

Kitespot Salinas del Rey is more for intermediate and advanced riders, since beginners have to face its waves at low to mid tide, the wood logs and currents.

For beginners it's only advised to ride under guidance of a kite instructor.


The kite schools sometimes organise downwinds, contact them for more details.

How to get there

Take the bus from Barranquilla or from Cartagena to Santa Veronica and get to the spot with a TukTuk or get at rental car and ride yourself. Navigate to spot with google maps.


From mid-December to July is the best time.

Shallow almost flatwater in the point bay, to medium waves after the point.

No, not as far as we know.

No, the watertemparature is 26-31Β°C.