Nitinat Lake - Canada
beginnerΒ  flatwater stones lake

What to expect at kitespot Nitinat Lake?

In Canada, inside Vancouver island, there is a beautiful old forest where kitespot Nitinat Lake is found and one of Canadians favorite kitespots. It is a campground where kiters from everywhere, especially Canadians, convey. YouΒ΄ll be surrounded by a majestic old forest with very large trees. The lake water is fresh, clean and mostly sweet, even though the lake leads into the Pacific Ocean.

If you come from Vancouver city, youΒ΄ll have to take the ferry into Vancouver island and then drive around 3 hrs or so until you get onto the dirt road that leads straight into the forest. You don't necessarily need a 4x4, but small cars might struggle a bit on the dirt road with loose rocks and sharp corners. Since it is a kiter-camping trip, make sure to load all the camping gear youΒ΄ll need to be cosy enough, because at night the temperature drops fast. As you know, you are in Canada.

Wind conditions

The wind season starts in April and blows till September, having the best months in June, July and August. The wind blows normally from 12-25 knots, side on shore on thermal basis, meaning that it starts around noon. This wind is not displayed in the statistics.

Water conditions

Lake fresh water, average 18-20 oC. 4:3 wetsuit normally will do the job. Not too choppy, very nice for twin tippers, foilers and also to pull out some strapless tricks.

Launch Area

There ́ s one launch area and it's long and wide enough for everyone yet covered with river stones on the ground so booties are normally used.

Lessons & Gear

Get your lessons or gear at Elevation Kiteboarding or Strong Kiteboarding.

Level of riding

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.


You won't have phone reception since you start driving on the dirt road, so preparation is everything for kiting in this spot. It is not a daily trip spot, so make sure to take all the gear you need for kiting, camping, eating, repairing and having fun at night at the camp fires.


The campground has bathrooms and showers, that's all.

How to get there?

A 3 hr drive on average from Victoria city or Nanaimo port. Look for the Nitinat lake campground on google maps.

Written by:Β Alex Pura Vida


From June through August is the best time.

Flat to choppy water.

Yes, from April to September, 12-25 knots, side on shore.

Yes, 4:3mm in season from April to September.