Campione (Lake Garda)

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What to expect at kitespot Lake Garda?

In Italy, a 1,5 hour drive from Verona Airport you’ll find this beautiful kitespot Campione surrounded by mountains, thermal wind and choppy water of Lake Garda.

Thermal wind

The thermal wind you’ll probably be kitesurfing on is Ora. This wind is picking up from 12.00 pm and keeps blowing until sunset. Ora is a south wind (11-21 kts). However it’s created on the North of Lake Garda, when the sun heats up the North Cliffs, hot air rises and attracts wind from the south.

If you’re an early bird, your best friend on Lake Garda is Peler (also known as Vento). This northerly wind is a bit stronger than Ora (22-27 kts). Therefore start kitesurfing at dawn and you’ll have fun with Peler until around 9.00 am. This wind is also generating some nice small kickers for extra fun.

Launch area

Kitespot Campione has a rescue service, compressor, a small rocky launch area and green mats to set up your kite. To use this spot at Lake Garda you”ll need a day membership or a full membership. In Italy it is required to wear a life-jacket during kitesurfing. In this way you’re extra safe!

Lessons & Gear

You can get your gear or lessons at the nearby kiteshop Garda Kitesurf.

Level of riding

Intermediate & advanced.

How to get there?

Drive towards Campione and Park you car next to the spot.

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