Alvor (Lagoon)

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What to expect at kitespot Alvor Lagoon?

In Portugal a 1 hour drive from Faro you’ll find kitesurf spot Alvor lagoon with flat and shallow water. However the beach is very shelly, so bring your surfshoes.

Level of riding

Kitesurf spot Alvor lagoon is good for beginners or kite surfers who want to upgrade their tricks because of the flat and shallow water.

Thermal wind

From mid-March to late October there is a strong and steady thermal wind (Nortade). The Nortada wind starts around 3pm and usually stays around 20 knots and is often onshore/sideonshore in this lagoon. This landwind is very gusty. The hotter it gets, the more thermal effect (more knots).

Best time to visit this spot is from June to August.

Gear & Lessons

Get your gear or lessons at the nearby kite shop Lagos Kiteclub.


Park your car near the spot or walk 20 min from Alvor. If you stay at Alvor Kite Center you can get a boatlift.

Nearby spots

Make sure to also check out the lagoon of kitesurf spot Fuseta, it’s worth the visit.

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